/ November 22, 2018

Since, the mushroom lovers want to know more about the mushrooms, they want to grow magic mushrooms as well. These mushrooms have been a hot topic so far, due to its hillucinogenic properties. A myriad of experiences has been enjoyed by a number of people, after consuming a specific amount of these mushrooms.

Since, the magic mushrooms are characterized by a fungal body having a cap like structure in the top of it, and containing shroom spores on that cap. Cap joins the veil to the stem. In order to grow magic mushrooms, a particular procedure has to be followed. Keeping some factors into your mind, and careful working can make you capable to grow mushrooms even at your home. To start this procedure, first you need to have an appropriate substrate colonized by the fungus.

Since this first step to grow magic mushrooms, requires to be completely sterilized, as the substrate needs to be free from any kind of preservatives. For this sterilization purpose, the canning jars are utilized, and brown rice flour, vermiculite and water are added into the substrate, that is sealed into the jars. As the substrate gets completely sterilized, the spore solution is added through the spores’ syringes, available in bulk at stores. The spores here perform colonization of the jar, into which the substrate is placed.

The jar is placed in terrarium and after the colonization of the jar, as soon as the mushrooms start growing from the rice cakes, then at last the cakes will be removed from there. After stemming from the cakes, they are best grown at the temperature between 80 to 90 degrees of Fahrenheit, with 90-95% humidity. Once these magic mushrooms get matured, then they will be dried and harvested. In this way, people can easily grow magic mushrooms, and can get the desired end product within less time.

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