/ December 20, 2018

With the latest advances in engineering, deep fryers are no more what they used to with hot-to-touch exteriors and surfaces as well as also the ever-present likelihood of burning your food. There continue to be many distinct sorts of cool touch electric deep fryers offered on the marketplace by many diverse manufacturers. The Presto Cool Daddy deep fryer is one appliance that needs no introduction to many users all around the world.

Never used this specific version, I’d mixed-feelings since I plugged into the appliance first moment. The manufacturer’s advertising maintained that it was ideal for up to 6 parts and, true, it passed this test with flying colors. Even though the first heating of the petroleum required more than anticipated, everything else went smoothly.

The Presto 05444 Cool Daddy deep fryer includes a 1-year limited warranty and runs on 120 volts AC at 1500 watts, a large enough wattage for severe usage. The machine generates perfectly flavorful, crunchy and crispy fried foods – adored by many – like fish, poultry, French Fries and onion rings.

Like most best deep fryers from presto, the outside handle enables food to be reduced to the oil without needing to open the lid, i.e. you shut the lid using the wire mesh over the petroleum,, which is subsequently lowered. This means following the first loading of food, the lid not need to be opened before it’s performed; a good safety apparatus.

The additional large window lets you find out what’s going on inside without needing to open the cover. The cover includes a locking-device to stop odors and splattering so that your home stays safe and odor-free; whereas fried food does taste yummy its lingering scents aren’t always so welcome. The scents are filtered by means of a charcoal air filter program that may be readily replaced.

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