/ June 19, 2020

Private label bottled water has been proven as an effective marketing promotion and brand builder but care must be taken in the quality of the design in order to avoid ruining the branding message and reducing the quality of the brand.

An important element of any private label bottled water branding effort lies in the basic design of the label. In order to create an effective label and labeling message, a professional design effort is required. Although there are many powerful software products like Adobe Photoshop on the market, understanding the basic elements of design is still required to produce a professional looking label. There is no substitute for professional design and an amateurish label design can seriously degrade a brand.

Design skill is as much an art as a science and dedicated training is required in order to produce a balanced, appealing, informative label for the private label bottled water end product. Graphic design is a major in many universities and colleges and combines course work in color, graphic arts, perspective and other skills before a degree is awarded. A well trained designer however will produce designs and labels of superior quality.

One skill that is not taught in the classroom but must be acquired through practical experience is customer relations and communication with the customer. It takes skill and experience to translate the customer concept into a graphic design and message and the ability to work with the customer controls the success of the project no matter how talented the designer. If the customer is not happy, failure is the result.

The next step in the process is the translation of the design onto a printed label, again within the design parameters of the customer. At this point preliminary customer approval is necessary. After preliminary approval the design must be applied to the label through either a flexo or digital printing process and proper quality printing equipment is required. Generally a small proof run is produced to show the customer for final approval of the label. Clear communication with the customer is required in order to gain customer approval.

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